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            • Huge portfolio of hotels
            • Reaching millions of people
            • High return on investment

Daily deal website:
Reaching millions of people with the best deals for travel and tourism in the region as well as promoting hundreds of hotels. The daily deal websites generate millions of $ in revenue and charge above than average comission, resulting in high profits.

Tour agent:
Obtaining the necessary state and governmental licenses and permits to conduct business and sell travel and tourism deals to the end customer. According to the EU regulations this license is valid in all 27 countries of the European Union with a simple registration.

Best Rates:
Offering the best rates/prices per night or per package on the market with up to 70% discount of the regular price. Best rates on the market means the customers cannot purchase the product from anywhere else at a lower price.

Huge portfolio of hotels:
Giving options to the customers is vital for the success of any business and travel and toursim is no different. Hundreds of hotels can offer their deals on the daily deal website creating competitive environment, benefiting the end customer

Reaching millions of people:
Agressive marketing is the key to success in any venture and daily deal makes no exception. Facebook, Google, Twitter give a platform for the true enterpreneuer to market its project cost efectively but yet aggressively and see the best results. Daily email campaigns also contribute to the awareness of the project and its products.

High return on investment:
The synergy created between the way the traditional tour agent works and the agressive marketing a daily deal website conducts can result in hundreds and even thousands of sold packages for just a single offer. This is the foundation for a successful business with high return on investment.



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