About Online Holdings International Inc.

Online Holdings International is a multinational company focused mainly on eCommerce projects, investing and developing companies returning high profits.

Our current focus is on, but not limited to:

• international tourism,

• eCommerce,

• daily deal websites

• online advertising and marketing.

Online Holdings as a company develops a well-conceived strategy for boosting customer loyalty through technological advancements and achieves impressive outputs resulting primarily in increased client base, cultivated (high-margin) customers, and long-term relationships, all set to benefit the bottom line.

The corporation is interested in the international tourism which could be offered online. Tourism is the world’s largest civilian industry whose growth, economic significance and potential are phenomenal across the globe. Online tourism is rapidly becoming a growing topic of great importance as future mode of acquiring information and purchase of tourism products and services is growing day by day.

By 2017 the market is expected to reach $2.4 tril. Which will result in over 60% growth. Online Holding International business ventures are currently or will be positioned in segments of the market which are expected to outgrow the industry by double digit percentage points.

Current business of Online Holdings is focused on daily deal websites , travel deals, discounted offers of any kind. Through its websites the company is communicating, reaching and selling different products to thousands of customers per day.

The primary focus is TRAVEL AND LEISURE , as Online Holdings creates a perfect synergy between the way a traditional Tour operator communicates and works with the hotel and the aggressive marketing campaign a daily deal website conducts for its partners.



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