Travel Universe - International Expansion

Entering new markets - UK, France, Poland, Russia and Romania
According to all the latest research studies international travel industry is growing constantly. With a combined population of an approx. 380 mil people and approx. 70% internet penetration European market is enormous with huge potential.

Taking advantage of emerging markets with over 40% growth for the next 2 years
With the emerging market the percentage growth is even greater than the average. The Central and Eastern European markets are set to grow by over 21% annually. The internet penetration  has only reached 41% of the population, compared to over 70% penetration in already developed markets like US and Western Europe. Considering the fact that internet penetration is also lower in emerging markets, the real difference in eCommerce adoption is probably even higher than the data at hand suggests.

Synergy in business with Travel Universe Ltd.

This way Online Holdings International will have more International destinations to offer together with Travel Universe and Travel Universe International which will definitely benefit the end user.

Lowering the costs from a bigger scope of business

A bigger scope of business will lead to lower expenses for marketing campaigns, human resources, office rents, additional services, taxes, etc.

Gathering more clients for online advertising
This is crucial for online campaigns as it is the most inexpensive marketing channel. This way Online holdings international delivers its daily newsletter to millions of potential clients at virtually no cost at all



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